Robert Muma's
Fine Hand Bookbinding & Restoration and Leathercraft

Bookbinding - New Books


Music of the Masters in Pictures
An Exhibition piece 13" x 17"
Best in Leathercraft and Bronze Medal for Handicrafts
Pacific National Exhibition 1948


W. R. Ballard Braeburn Farm
Scrapbook for clippings, etc. 17" x 19"
Crinkly grain steerhide, tooled, embossed, and coloured
A gift to Dr. W. R. Ballard from Mrs. Ballard

back cover


Klee Wyck - Emily Carr
Best Leather entry
Canadian Handicraft Guild
F. W. Woolworth prize ($50)
Canadian National Exhibition, 1957


Bound volume of Canadian Nature magazine
Batik Morocco, gold tooled



Native Trees of Canada
Red Levant inlaid in green Morocco, gold-tooled


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